Visiting School

True education should produce balanced personality in whom intellectual, emotional and spiritual values are harmoniously developed. Therefore all the learning programs in the school are structure in the learners, the qualities of:

  1. Self-confidence with faith in God.
  2. Academic excellence.
  3. Communication and social skills along with analytical abilities.
  4. Maintenance of a well-nourished, healthy and agile physique.
  5. Including an affinity towards a disciplined and regulated life.
  6. Developing an interest to participate in service activities.
  7. Harmonising positive thoughts, words and actions.
  8. Developing respect and regard towards India cultured and way of life.
  9. Upholding reverence for parents, elders and honour for dignity of all individuals.
  10. To equip the student with all these noble qualities, the education is provided completely free of cost without any distinctions of caste, creed, colour and economic status.

In every field, students must strive to become ideal leaders and guides. The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow who will shape the destiny of a nation. When you grow straight and strong, every department of public and governmental activity will become efficient and beneficent"


The verdant, beautiful campus of MA Central Public School is located in Jamuri, Shahgarh from the heart of Azamgarh City. The campus has been modeled to facilitate the finest educational services and enhance all-round development of children. It would provide teaching that relies on Indian culture but in the best physical environment and infrastructure. All classrooms are colorful, aesthetically designed and technically formulated for a learning atmosphere. The school campus ground is rich and spacious enough to fulfill all the requirements.

Behaviour for Learning


How should your child's tiffin be?

Chapattis, Vegetable, fruits and cared bar be the main contents of a tiffin; we ask you not send your child with sweets, crisps or gums. Please do not give your child a glass container of any kind. Also clearly mark lunch boxes and plastic bottles with the child's name. No fizzy drinks please. Please ensure the lunch you provide is 'healthy', limit crisps, biscuit etc.


  1. All pupils who wish to can avail the conveyance.
  2. School rickshaw, van and bus facility, if availed by guardians, will be for the entire session. In exceptional cases, a guardian may discontinue it by giving one month's notice or one month’s transport fee
  3. In case the school rickshaw, van or bus does not reach on time due to mechanical breakdown or due to the illness of the puller/driver, guardians are requested to make their own alternative arrangements. However, the school tries its best to provide satisfactory transport service.
  4. One way rickshaw, van or bus service is not allowed. However if a child wants to avail one way service, he/she will have to pay full (both ways) applicable transportation fee.
  5. In case of road construction or long term diversions the actual distance traveled by the van/bus will be charged.
  6. Children in a given van will have to stay in school till all other children on their van route have finished school.
  7. If any newly admitted child wants to avail school transport, he/she must pay his/her bus/van/rickshaw fees from the same month.